Gold Bars

Why Choose Gold?

Gold, a shining metal that has been a symbol of wealth for thousands of years, holds significant value all over the world. Gold is the metal of choice for investors looking to invest in a secure physical object that is valuable in part due to its rarity, as well as its appearance. Investing in gold can build your portfolio and assist in hedging against inflation. Being the metal in highest demand, a gold bar is an excellent compelling investment opportunity for new and experienced investors alike.

Gold Bars at Advisor Metals

At Advisor Metals, we prioritize transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our gold bars are sourced from globally recognized mints, ensuring each bar’s purity and weight are up to industry standards. Our offerings cater to both individuals looking to invest in precious metals and seasoned collectors searching for specific mint releases.

Gold Bar Options

 ½ oz. Gold Bar

The half ounce gold bar is perfect for investors who are not yet certain about investing into precious metals, offering a small size and comparable price so that investors new to gold can experience owning a physical asset and see if it is to their liking.


1 oz. Gold Bar

The 1 oz. gold bar is a great starting point for anyone looking to begin investing into gold, or for those looking to grow their portfolio. With its convenient size, these gold bars can be easily stored and are the classic choice.


5 oz. Gold Bar

The 5 oz. gold bar is an excellent choice for investors who know that gold is the right choice for them. With its more impressive size, the 5 oz. gold bar gives an opportunity to consolidate your gold investment.


1 Kilo Gold Bar

The 1 kilogram gold bar is the best choice for investors who have experience with gold bars and know how to handle them. Buying the 1 kilogram gold bar is akin to making a bulk purchase, great for those who want to make a hefty gold investment at an affordable price.


1 gram PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar

The 1 gram PAMP Fortuna gold bar comes with the security assurances that Switzerland has become famous for with a scannable code that verifies its authenticity and purity. Alongside the scannable code, it also comes in a custom packaging that allows for easy display.


1 gram Geiger Gold Bar

The 1 gram Geiger gold bar comes in a protective assay, guaranteeing its high purity. With its small size, the 1 gram Geiger gold bar offers a liquid way to being your gold investment while also providing a options for an attractive display piece.

Secure and Trusted Buying Process

Purchasing gold bars from Advisor Metals is a seamless and secure experience. Our website, Advisor Metals, provides detailed descriptions and certifications for each product. Customers benefit from insured shipments, and exceptional customer service, making the acquisition of gold bars straightforward and reliable.

Why Choose Advisor Metals

At Advisor Metals, we pride ourselves on our expertise and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our website, Advisor Metals, is a resource to educate and guide you through the intricacies of precious metals investment. Here are a few reasons why our clients choose us for their investment needs:

  • Expert Guidance: Our team is equipped with the knowledge to assist you in making informed decisions tailored to your financial goals.
  • Diverse Portfolio Options: We offer a range of products beyond just gold bars, including other gold, silver, platinum, and palladium options.
  • The owner of Advisor Metals: Ira Bershatsky is registered with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) which requires full transparency and adherence to ethical standards.

Investment Benefits of Gold

Investing in gold offers several advantages:

  • Diversification: Gold adds a valuable layer of diversification to investment portfolios, often moving independently of stocks and bonds.
  • Physical Asset: Gold is a tangible asset that can provide a sense of security during economic uncertainties.
  • Consistent Demand: Gold has been a valuable and sought after metal for thousands of years, giving name to the “gold standard”. Gold comes with the weight of thousands of years of being in demand.

How to Start with Gold Investments

For those new to precious metals, starting your investment journey with gold bars can be ideal. At Advisor Metals, we offer educational resources to help you understand market trends and the benefits of gold investment. Our team is also ready to assist with personalized investment strategies, ensuring your purchases align with your financial goals.

Tailored Services for Investors

Advisor Metals doesn’t just sell precious metals; we build relationships. Our clients receive tailored advice based on their investment objectives, market performance analysis, and updates on potential future values of gold. Whether you are expanding an existing collection or making your first investment, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Call us at: 626-788-5770 or send us an email at: to get started.

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